Q de Calidad. Reliability, distinguished and prestige.

Since it was founded in 1999, there has been a clear commitment to Quality, and we start the certification process in the Q de Calidad Turística. In 2001 we were the first restaurant in Euskadi and amongst the 7 first throughout Spain to receive the Q de Calidad Turística. This commitment is reinforced with a new UNE Q Touristic Quality Standard that is added to the Abandoibarra Cafeteria’s Certification.

Commitment to the Environment

We are conscious that by dedicating ourselves to the restaurant trade in large events, a lot of waste is generated (glass, plastics, cardboard and organic waste) and following our commitment, we believe it is important to provide our grain of sand to caring for the environment. In 30 January 2009 we were certified with the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Commitment to Food Safety

Since our activity is guided by large collectives, we scrupulously control the fulfilment to our APPCC system (Risk analysis and Critical Control Points) validated and renovated annually with the UNE Q de Calidad Turística certification.

The microbiological analyses and controls are performed by the laboratory, based on a Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 9001:2000