"Pintxos" lunchs

We can offer a wide range of “pintxos” (small bites), so we are able to design a custom-made menu that suits your event.

These are a few examples.

Cold "pintxos"

Goat cheese mini-salad

Iberian ham and tomato toast

Anchovy and piquillo red pepper with ‘ajoblanco’ almond sauce

Marinated salmon

Rocket and havarti tramezzino sandwich

Cod with ‘pil pil’ olive oil sauce and ratatouille

Chicken curry cornbread sandwich

Foie and apple millefeuille

Hot "pintxos"

Homemade croquettes

Beef meat brioche

Tempura vegetable skewer

Fried hake pieces


Red pepper stuffed with crab meat

Skewer of steak and green peppers

Boneless pork rib

Small desserts

Chocolate cake

Mini pantxineta basque dessert
(puff-pastry with custard cream)

Chocolate eclair

Mille feuille cake

Fresh fruit brochette