Quality and Environmental Policy

At GUMIL HOSTELEROS, a company in the Hospitality business, we declare our commitment to comply with the requirements of the Quality and Environmental Management System, whose main aim is the satisfaction of our clients as well as the protection of the environment. To this end:

  • We have control over all the departments: Management, Procurement, and Storage, Kitchen, Dining-Room, Maintenance as well as Hygiene and Cleaning;
  • We have all the means that are necessary to achieve Customer Service Excellence;
  • Our competitive difference lies in Quality;
  • We have responsible and well-trained staff;
  • We will reduce customers’ claims;
  • We have all the appropriate material means to carry out quality-related activities, in such a way that the services provided meet the specified standards;
  • While carrying out our activity, resource optimization and waste minimization are the basic principles to follow;
  • We adopt the necessary measures to prevent or eliminate the environmental impact of our activity as well as the products and services we use (consumption of materials, energy, fuel, waste generation…), providing the organization with the necessary human and material resources, which are adequately managed so as to have an environmentally sustainable behaviour;
  • The effective development of our activity is not only due to controls, but also to correct planning and execution as well as the necessary monitoring and measuring.
  • The management undertakes to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements as well as any other applicable pollution prevention requirements, by reducing and controlling waste generation through an operational control that minimizes adverse environmental impacts on the different environments;
  • We promote those improvement actions that may be necessary to achieve the objectives and goals we establish, and continuously improve the efficacy of the Integrated Management System. Failure must be used to learn and eliminate its sources or the causes that lead to it;
  • The good development of the Integrated Management System implemented requires collaboration and participation at all levels and information, communication and training are essential to achieve this;
  • We make plans, establish controls and carry out continuous monitoring;
  • At least once a year, the Integrated Management System, including this Policy, is checked to verify that it is effective and fits our needs.

We make sure that our Quality and Environmental Policy is understood and accepted by all those who work for or on behalf of the organization and available to any person, organization or public entity that requests it.